Update - January 2018

Lutheran Renewal, the national renewal movement within the Lutheran Church of Australia, has come to an end. We have closed down our national Steering Group, national renewal magazine, and Lutheran Renewal conferences, and Living Grace Church in Toowoomba – the community that launched Lutheran Renewal in 2015 – has ceased to be a formal member of the Lutheran Church of Australia.

There has been no extra pressure from the Bishops of the LCA to end Lutheran Renewal and Living Grace Church received a blessing as it moved out of the LCA. Lutheran Renewal (emerging from the ministry of Living Grace Church) has served as a voice of renewal and ministered in the Holy Spirit, and – through its newsletters, the books of Dr Edgar Mayer (“Surprised by the Holy Spirit”, “Surprised by Miracles” and “Experiencing God Together”), and the video documentary “Greatly Surprised” – the movement has left a trail which other Lutherans (and other Christians in general) can follow when the time is right.

Lutheran Renewal has never been the sole agent of renewal in the LCA, and we honour everything that is good in the Lutheran Church of Australia. We bless all leaders and all congregations.

If you want to remain in contact with Living Grace Church in Toowoomba, please go to www.LivingGraceToowoomba.org.

- Edgar Mayer, 2 January 2018


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